Monday, October 7

Hopefully back again - update

Hey everyone. Wow I am sorry, I got caught up in life and pain and forgot about blogging. Also, in February, my husband Marc lost his job. Ok it was not lost, he was fired. After 14 years in the same career his heart was not in it and he was getting sloppy. He was struggling more with his ADHD since the job was becoming more and more monotonous. He kept talking about wishing he could focus on writing more or at least do more creative stuff as more than just a hobby. Getting paid to do these things however is rather difficult. He managed to get a severance package which helped us get through the Summer (not a great one since we had to cancel all travel plans and just stay home). The kids were both able to go to a sleep-away camp for one week each though since they qualified for a grant from the local forestry corporation. They were so excited since we had not been there in many years. There are free picnic days once per year that we would attend when we could. It is a very cool place. Gorgeous scenery, quite secluded, great counselors, excellent chefs (even though the all vegetarian menu was different for the girls, even my picky Emma LOVED the food!), great group of kids attend, many activities and they get to sleep in large tipis! So cool! The programs they attended were the W.I.S.E. ones.

We were also lucky enough to attend our first Starbelly Jam. Marc's brother gave a ticket to his oldest niece, Em was young enough to get in free, Marc got a volunteer position for his ticket and a very generous friend gave me her extra ticket after a family member backed out last minute. We had no idea what to expect - thought it would be just a simple concert series in an outdoor venue. It was so much more! The atmosphere reminded us of our time in Vancouver when we attended festivals, but also the smaller community events and cool events put on by the Public Dreams society that we enjoyed so much. There were lots of cool vendors too but they still allowed you to bring in your own picnic. We will attend next year even if we all have to volunteer to do so!

We also decided to make our own hats for the annual museum tea party. This year's theme was the Mad Hatter. :) The local theater group even put on an Alice in Wonderland skit.

well that is enough for this one...

Monday, January 7



Are you aware of this online pin board? It is a fun way of saving ideas for later, or sharing your own with the virtual world.

once you are signed up for Pinterest at you can get started. It can be confusing at first, especially since it is set up to have you follow others just by clicking on what topics you like. If you find that you are getting too many things you do not like from someone you are following, just click on their name or board name and unfollow them. You can change these as often as you like, when pinning you will get prompted to follow the board it came from.  Also the default is to follow every board from someone so clicking on their name and unfollowing the topics you do not wish to follow is a good idea.

I have 27 boards. You start with only a few and then slowly add others. The best thing is to name each as a separate category (garden, beauty, recipes, etc.)

You can add others to be able to pin to your boards - this allows your group or family to share in every pin that is posted - a fun way to communicate with each other.

It is useful to have a quick pin board - something title random or misc - where you can add a bunch of stuff and sort it later. Also save likes for only things you do not want to pin - or you will have thousands and not remember if you pinned it yet or not.

there are secret boards - for those of you planning a surprize party or have things you want to keep hidden from your children, there are secret boards that you can set up to pin to that do not get followed when others follow you.

Many people do not know that the pins keep the tag from their original page allowing you to click on the larger photo (or double click the thumbnail version) to get to the original site it was taken from if applicable thereby getting instructions, recipes, etc. In this way, Pinterest becomes a bookmark organizer with visual cues to what the page was for.

look for me on Pinterest as Niqi Archambault!

Happy Pinning!!!


How I make new virtual facebook friends.

I really enjoy facebook. Like most people, I have old friends from school, cousins and other distant relatives, close family, distant friends, and people I know in real life. This past year I learned a few new ways to "meet" people using facebook.

  • use the suggest friends button and add friends of friends
  • follow a page that interests you and watch the posts. When someone replies in a way you like - you can like it, but you can also click on add friend request (facebook may prevent many of these if you get reported by people for not knowing them, but for the most part people just accept your request and delete you if need be later).
  • join a group
  • go into your friend's friends list and see if you know anyone and add them 

 The second way is really the way that I have met some great people and get to have meaningful conversations too!

find me on facebook - Niqi Archambault and I may just become your virtual friend too!

Thursday, December 13


WOW! I had not realized that this blog was still on the internet. I thought it got deleted when my computer broke down.

ok. so I will write an update after this test.

this is only a test. beeeep.


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